Mar 5, 2010

Tai Chi series + Modern Love Stories at the Mira Hotel

Tai Chi was my first favorite abstract series. I started practising Tai Chi 5 yrs ago when I realised that I need a better and healthier body to pursue my sculpture dream (I hurted my arm sooner after I started making sculptures). Since then Tai Chi and Sculpture have become my life. I enjoy both very much. Luckily I met a Tai Chi master from Taiwan and have been greatly benefited from his teachings.

Although people often suggest me to make Tai Chi sculptures, e.g. man with Tai Chi postures, I was not interested as I did not feel the right inspiration. But somehow I know I will do it, but in a way that I feel inspired.

So, as I always do, I wait patiently. And again, it happened, in entirely abstract forms.

The Tai Chi speaks of internal. It's about the flows. The inner flow of energy. The fluidity. It's about hardness and softness in a whole. It's fresh and modern, and full of energy.

I came up with the design around June 2009 and it was first exposed around August. The Mira Hotel bought the series almost right after they saw the design(10 pcs for the hotel and 1 for private collection). They also bought "Modern Love Stories", a 1.6m red humorous abstract piece. The Tai Chi are showned on every lift lobbys and Modern Love on the ground floor.

<< Modern Love Stories at the Mira Hotel, a sculpture of many linked hearts.