Jul 8, 2010

2010, More Commission Jobs

My first half 2010 was busy with commission jobs. It started off finishing the Tai Chi series for Mira Hotel, followed by SHK's project, Valais (II) (天巒II) of several sculptures, Macau Mandarin Hotel's project of bronze and fiber glass and Hotel L's fiber glass sculpture.

This one is my first large sculpture ( 3.8m X 1.6m x 1.8m ,stainless steel)

"Galaxy",placed in a 50m long swimming pool.

The pair of "Joy" and "Luck", made of solid stainless steel. Very heavy.

May Life Be Long 但願人長久, larger than the one in my solo exhibition, about 90cm. Technical-wise, this one is a bit difficult to handle especially in polishing. But the smaller one is even more difficult as some angles are harder to reach.

The only bronze and the largest sculpture (5.8m) of the commission job for Valais. The form was generated from my Tai Chi series. It's placed at the side of the swimming pool. It was also the last one for the project. Finished and installed in Spring 2011.