Jun 28, 2011

Computer Figure

Usually I use computer to generate abstract forms only. The other day I wanted to just have some fun and see how far I could go with computer human figures. So I pick a face that I am most familiar with, my husband. Quite to my surprise, I just finished his face within one afternoon, without any reference no pictures, no the person.

I was so happy and showed it to everyone. But they said it didn't look exactly like him. It's way too handsome and much too slim. So I looked at my husband,the real one. They were right. His face had been growing wider and wider since we got married. It's at least 20% wider from the one in my romantic mind. I admitted my mistake and adjusted the figure, a bit reluctantly.

This is only 10% adjustment. I refused to adjust it any more as to look exactly like what he looks like now. It's my job to beautify people, isn't it?