Jun 28, 2011

Larvotto Project 藍灣項目(2011)

My second project with SHK is the Larvotto project of two stainless steel sculptures and one bronze Tai Chi.

比翼 (Romanza) belongs to a series of new design. It's very different from the volumatic/angular/sphereic ones like May Life Be Long, or the linear, twisting lines like Tai Chi. It's a composition of different parts instead of one singular form. It receives and reflects light in a stunning way. I was quite happy when I saw it "fly".

To my surprise, this 4.8m Tai Chi turns out to be much bigger than the 5.8m bronze in Valais. The volumatic form makes it gigantic.

Actually,the original design was meant to be viewed very big so that the viewers can see how the edge line flies in and out and intersect, and how the planes turn, twist and concave. There are much beauty to the details, besides the whole energetic form. And this was the original design idea. I am glad that it was actualized.

The third piece is titled 行雲 (Drifting Clouds). It's composed of two pieces of circular form crossing and slightly touching each other. It reminds me of a poem by 徐志摩,the famed Chinese poet, <偶然> (Chance).