Mahamudra Sculpture 大手印雕塑

by Lam Keyee 林可頤 E-mail:

Mar 30, 2012

Chengdu ICC Project - 2011

"The World Out There (外面的世界)" suits well in a quiet pool at Chengdu ICC.

The sky is always greyish in Chengdu and the sculpture reflects a calm,cool and neutral mood. It looks almost mono-tone with no color at all. And I think this enhances the sculpture's character and leaves more room for imagination.
The site was still in construction when we installed the sculpture.

Jun 28, 2011

Computer Figure

Usually I use computer to generate abstract forms only. The other day I wanted to just have some fun and see how far I could go with computer human figures. So I pick a face that I am most familiar with, my husband. Quite to my surprise, I just finished his face within one afternoon, without any reference no pictures, no the person.

I was so happy and showed it to everyone. But they said it didn't look exactly like him. It's way too handsome and much too slim. So I looked at my husband,the real one. They were right. His face had been growing wider and wider since we got married. It's at least 20% wider from the one in my romantic mind. I admitted my mistake and adjusted the figure, a bit reluctantly.

This is only 10% adjustment. I refused to adjust it any more as to look exactly like what he looks like now. It's my job to beautify people, isn't it?

Larvotto Project 藍灣項目(2011)

My second project with SHK is the Larvotto project of two stainless steel sculptures and one bronze Tai Chi.

比翼 (Romanza) belongs to a series of new design. It's very different from the volumatic/angular/sphereic ones like May Life Be Long, or the linear, twisting lines like Tai Chi. It's a composition of different parts instead of one singular form. It receives and reflects light in a stunning way. I was quite happy when I saw it "fly".

To my surprise, this 4.8m Tai Chi turns out to be much bigger than the 5.8m bronze in Valais. The volumatic form makes it gigantic.

Actually,the original design was meant to be viewed very big so that the viewers can see how the edge line flies in and out and intersect, and how the planes turn, twist and concave. There are much beauty to the details, besides the whole energetic form. And this was the original design idea. I am glad that it was actualized.

The third piece is titled 行雲 (Drifting Clouds). It's composed of two pieces of circular form crossing and slightly touching each other. It reminds me of a poem by 徐志摩,the famed Chinese poet, <偶然> (Chance).



Jul 8, 2010

2010, More Commission Jobs

My first half 2010 was busy with commission jobs. It started off finishing the Tai Chi series for Mira Hotel, followed by SHK's project, Valais (II) (天巒II) of several sculptures, Macau Mandarin Hotel's project of bronze and fiber glass and Hotel L's fiber glass sculpture.

This one is my first large sculpture ( 3.8m X 1.6m x 1.8m ,stainless steel)

"Galaxy",placed in a 50m long swimming pool.

The pair of "Joy" and "Luck", made of solid stainless steel. Very heavy.

May Life Be Long 但願人長久, larger than the one in my solo exhibition, about 90cm. Technical-wise, this one is a bit difficult to handle especially in polishing. But the smaller one is even more difficult as some angles are harder to reach.

The only bronze and the largest sculpture (5.8m) of the commission job for Valais. The form was generated from my Tai Chi series. It's placed at the side of the swimming pool. It was also the last one for the project. Finished and installed in Spring 2011.

Mar 5, 2010

Tai Chi series + Modern Love Stories at the Mira Hotel

Tai Chi was my first favorite abstract series. I started practising Tai Chi 5 yrs ago when I realised that I need a better and healthier body to pursue my sculpture dream (I hurted my arm sooner after I started making sculptures). Since then Tai Chi and Sculpture have become my life. I enjoy both very much. Luckily I met a Tai Chi master from Taiwan and have been greatly benefited from his teachings.

Although people often suggest me to make Tai Chi sculptures, e.g. man with Tai Chi postures, I was not interested as I did not feel the right inspiration. But somehow I know I will do it, but in a way that I feel inspired.

So, as I always do, I wait patiently. And again, it happened, in entirely abstract forms.

The Tai Chi speaks of internal. It's about the flows. The inner flow of energy. The fluidity. It's about hardness and softness in a whole. It's fresh and modern, and full of energy.

I came up with the design around June 2009 and it was first exposed around August. The Mira Hotel bought the series almost right after they saw the design(10 pcs for the hotel and 1 for private collection). They also bought "Modern Love Stories", a 1.6m red humorous abstract piece. The Tai Chi are showned on every lift lobbys and Modern Love on the ground floor.

<< Modern Love Stories at the Mira Hotel, a sculpture of many linked hearts.

Skin Man at IFC

One of the "Skin Man" (Solo Dance) was enlarged and exhibited at IFC lawn in 2009 from June of December. He experienced 2 big typhoons and attacks and bombings from many kinds of insects and birds. His luckier "twin brother" is still enjoying air conditioned environment at the Habour City, TST.

Nov 19, 2009

但願人長久 Wishing Us Long Life

I am very attracted to some concepts which are almost too big to deal with, such as: Time. I would not force myself to touch it, though, let alone to analyse it, to design how to express Time through arts...etc.. I dislike using analytical mind and thoughts to start my artwork. I enjoy letting it flow to me, effortlessly. So, I usually do not understand fully my artworks until they are finished. When it first came to me, it cames as a vague idea, with blurry outline. And along the process, like lotus, it slowly opens up its petals and finally shows its full picture to me.

And that is the case with 但願人長久 (Wishing Us Long Life). It first came to me as a ticking clock, and developed itself into the highs and lows of life segments, with reflections of memories and stories.

The name comes from the famous poem by the great Chinese poet So Tung Po in 1076. His poem lingered in my mind when I was sculpting this piece.

How rare the moon so round and clear!
With cup in hand, i ask of the blue sky,
I do not know in the celestial sphere
What name this festival night goes by?
I want to fly home, riding the air,
But fear the ethereal cold up there,
The jade and crystal mansions are so high!
Dancing to my shadow,
I feel no longer the mortal tie.
She rounds the vermilion tower,
Stoops to silk pad doors,
Shines on those who sleepless lie.
Why does she, bearing us no grudge,
Shine upon our parting, reunion deny?
But rare is perfect happiness
The moon does wax, the moon does wane,
And so men meet and say goodbye.
I only pray our life be long,
And our souls together heavenward fly!
(Translated by 林語堂)

Oct 6, 2009

Second Solo Exhibition

Busy for my second Solo Exhibition, BORN AFFECTIONATE 儂本多情, to be held from Oct 10th to 27th, at Gallery by the Harbour, Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsimshatsui.

Enquiry: 23191992/

***Photos from the show

My teacher, sculptor Chu Tat Shing.

Movie Star Simon Yim and my Tai Chi teacher, Master Chung Wen Yuen

Guests at the Opening Reception.

Movie Star couples Lau Ching Wan & Amy Kwok

Jul 7, 2009

Abstract Sculpture

Recently I am working on some abstract forms.

Working on abstract form requires mathematical calculation and a rational mind.

The sculpting part is not as fun as that of realistic figures. But the design work is fun.

To design a form is easy, especially by using computer 3D software. But to design a form that attracts the eyes and talks to the mind is a challenge.

A friend made a very convenient foam cutting tool for me. Better than any foam cutter I found on market. A good tool makes life so much easier.